The JCHS Headquarters

The Society has had Headquarters at three locations. From 1942-1951 we had an office in the County Offices Building on the northwest corner of George and Congress Street in Charles Town. In 1951 The Society became one of the owners of the Esta Burton Hilleary House on the northeast corner of George Street and Hunter Avenue in Charles Town and headquarters moved to that location. A fireproof vault to house its artifacts was built by Rev. John W. Link. Both meetings of the members and the board of directors were held in “The Hall of the Society” until 1969.

At that point The Society’s Library was moved to the Old Charles Town Library, its artifacts were placed in the Jefferson County Museum, and meetings were held at a variety of locations throughout the county. Thankfully, that is not the end of the story.

In March 2016, the Friends of Happy Retreat approached the Society’s Directors and offered us office space at Happy Retreat (600 Mordington Avenue, Charles Town WV) which was gratefully accepted.

Since then, both an office and research room have been renovated with the addition of cabinets and bookshelves, in-room air conditioning, and the latest in technology. Most of this work has been accomplished on a voluntary basis by the Society’s Directors. Donations of books, office supplies and office furniture, and framed maps, prints, and photographs have put the finishing touches on the new home of the Jefferson County Historical Society. It is our hope, especially after the third move of countless boxes of Tombstone Inscriptions, that Happy Retreat will be the Society’s permanent home.

Happy Retreat

Happy Retreat

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