So much history in one county

Carved from Berkeley County in 1801 and named for the then-new U.S. president, Virginian Thomas Jefferson — is home to an incredible amount of history. Over the years, the JCHS’s annual magazine and quarterly newsletter have highlighted many of the incredible stories from the county, including articles on:

  • George Washington and members of his family
  • John Brown and his 1859 effort to capture Harpers Ferry and end enslavement in the U.S.
  • Steamboat inventor James Rumsey
  • Native Americans in the Eastern Panhandle
  • Shepherdstown, founded in 1762, making it the oldest white settlement in West Virginia
  • Horatio Gates, who served as second in command for General George Washington during the American Revolution
  • Transportation innovations such as the C&O Canal and the B&O railroad
  • Storer College, the Harpers Ferry school founded after the Civil War to educate men and women newly freed from slavery
  • Martin Delany, an African-American newspaper editor and leader who was born in Charles Town
  • Civil War history
  • How in 1896 Jefferson County became the first place in the United States to offer Rural Free Delivery
  • How W.E.B. DuBois and other influential leaders of the Niagara Movement, the early civil rights organization, held their first U.S. meeting in Harpers Ferry in 1906 and stories of many other amazing people and buildings.

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