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The Society made its first venture into publishing in 1963. A. D. Kenamond, long-time Society President and Editor of The Magazine, had written “Fifty sketches of the lives of men prominent in the founding and development of West Virginia’s oldest town.” In 1962, Shepherdstown had commemorated the 200th anniversary of its establishment, and Dean Kenamond had written the sketches in collaboration with the celebration. His Prominent Men of Shepherdstown went on sale on July 6, 1963 for $3.00 postpaid. Still available, you can purchase a copy today for $10.00 or have it mailed to you for $14.00.

In 1954, Charlotte Judd Fairbairn published The Washington Homes of Jefferson County, West Virginia. In her words, the booklet was “…simply a ‘personality sketch’ of Washington Homes of Jefferson County” and included a Washington genealogy, a sketch of George Washington, a tour map, and profile of seven Washington homes. In1975, during the Presidency of Dr. John A. Washington, the Society published its version of The Washington Homes of Jefferson County, West Virginia and sold it for $2.00 each mailed. The Society’s version described the same seven houses highlighted in the Fairbairn booklet but added “Three Early Homes Built On Land Purchased From The Washington Properties.” There was no map. The Washington Homes was reprinted in 1985 and is still available for $10.00 each, $13.00 postpaid.

On Saturday March 2, 1991, the Society held a reception to introduce its latest publication, Between The Shenandoah and The Potomac: Historic Homes of Jefferson County. Affectionately referred to as the “Between the Rivers” book, the years-long project was managed by a committee headed by Florence H. Moore. Ms. Moore called on photographers Edwin A. Fitzpatrick and Elpidio Igne for the beautiful images of the many houses and persuaded Julia Davis to write the narrative. Still one of the Society’s most popular Christmas gifts, Between the Shenandoah and The Potomac is available today for $40.00, $45.00 postpaid.

Other titles published by the Society are Calendar and Index to Recorded Plats in the Jefferson County, West Virginia (Virginia), Courthouse, 1801-1901 and Burials in Jefferson County, West Virginia, 1978-1997. Calendar and Index…, first published in 1985 using funds from a bequest by Louise Caroline Briscoe, was the work of Society member Michael D. Thompson, at the time Jefferson County’s Prosecuting Attorney. Of tremendous value to researchers, Calendar and Index… is available for $20.00, $24.00 postpaid. Tombstones… is available $20.00, $25.00 postpaid. Burials… is a limited-edition book compiled by Hugh E. Voress, then the Society’s Curator and Membership Secretary. It picks up in 1978 where Tombstone Inscriptions left off (published by the DAR 1687-1980) and is an update of burials in Jefferson County. It is available for $15.00, $20.00 postpaid.

The Society has produced two DVDs. Between The Shenandoah and The Potomac: A Visual History of Jefferson County WV was produced in cooperation with the US Fish & Wildlife Service – National Conservation Training Center to commemorate Jefferson County’s Bicentennial. The one-hour recording is a summary of the many historic events which occurred in those two hundred years and is available for $10.00, $13.00 postpaid. The Civil War in Jefferson County was produced in 2011 for the Sesquicentennial of the Civil War and in 30 minutes shows highlights of Civil War events which took place in Jefferson County. It is available for $10.00, $13.00 postpaid.

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