JCHS Board

The Jefferson County Historical Society is managed by volunteer officers and directors. Directors are elected by the membership at the April member meeting, serve a term of four years, and may succeed themselves. Officers are elected annually by the board of directors at the first director meeting following the April member meeting and serve a one-year term. Officers may succeed themselves.

Over the years a number of people have been rewarded for their contributions to The Society. In 1959 two women were recognized for their service and were made Emeritus Directors. Susan Gregg Gibson was a Director from 1931–1958, and Sallie Lee Powell served as a Director from the Society’s inception in 1927 until 1954. The Society’s continued success can in part be attributed to outstanding leadership. As a result, the Society has conferred the honor of Emeritus Officer to a number of deserving people.

Current board of JCHS

  • President: James Gregg Gibson
  • Vice President: Daniel Rowzie
  • Secretary: Stephen Baylor Hall
  • Corresponding Secretary: Betsy Wells
  • Treasurer/Membership: Barbara Phillips Gibson
  • Historian: P. Douglas Perks
  • Curator: John Bagladi
  • Guardian Editor: Christine Snyder
  • Magazine Editor: Deborah K. Piscitella
  • Board of Directors: Susannah Buckles, Eric Hendricks Jenkins, Christine Snyder
  • Webmaster: Nicholas Hall

Emeritus Officers

  • Miss Margaret Chew elected in 1964. A Director from 1949-1964; a Charter Member of the Society.

  • A. D. Kenamond elected in 1964. Served as President 1927-1950; Vice President 1950-1954; President 1954-1960; Corresponding Secretary 1960-1964; and Editor of the Society’s Magazine 1935-1964.

  • Mrs. C. R. Langdon elected in 1972. Served as corresponding Secretary 1965-1967; a Director 1957-1964 1968-1971.

  • Miss Julianna Taylor elected in 1972. Served as Treasurer 1968-1971.

  • Mrs. Robert T. Browse elected in 1975. Served as President 1952-1953; Curator 1961-1974; A Director 1955-1960.

  • John Y. McDonald elected in 1975. A Director 1968-1974.

  • Talbot W. Jenkins elected in 1976. Served as Treasurer 1972-1975.

  • Major Thornton T. Perry, II elected in 1979. Served as President 1950-1951; Vice President 1949; Recording Secretary 1952-1965; A Director 1946-1948, 1966-1978.

  • Miss Emily A. M. Stanley elected in 1979. Served as Recording Secretary 1969-1978.

  • Admiral T. M. Stokes elected in 1979. A Director 1965-1978.

  • Frank Woodruff Buckles elected in 1981. Served as President 1960-1964; Vice President 1954; Treasurer 1955-1959 1965; A Director 1966-1978.

  • Mrs. John A. Washington elected in 1990. A Director 1989-1990.

  • William H. Wilson elected in 1997. Served as Vice President 1970-1974; Curator 1975-1996.

  • Mrs. John Philip Creamer, Jr. elected in 2008. Director 1980-1988.

  • Mrs. Florence H. Moore elected in 2008. Corresponding Secretary of the Society 1980-1999; Publications Committee 1988-2000; Director 2000-2003.

  • Mr. Roger J. Perry elected in 2008. Vice President of the Society 1987-1999; Director 1979-1986 and 2000-2002.

  • Dr. John E. Stealey, III elected in 2008. President of The Society 1980-1999; Editor of The Magazine Volumes XLVII (1981) – LXIX (2003); Director 1979 and 2000-2003.

  • Mr. Hugh E Voress elected in 2014. Membership Secretary of the Society 1983 – 2013; Curator 1997-2003 2005.

  • Mr. Donald E. Watts elected in 2020. Curator of the Society 2018-2019.

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